AC/DC will Rock or Bust without Malcolm Young

AC/DC fans got a bit of bittersweet news that we all feared (and knew) was likely coming.

The good: The band’s newest studio album, “Rock or Bust,” releases December 2.

And the boys will tour next year!

The bad: Founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young is retiring from the band due to an undisclosed illness (the band is notoriously private and close-knit) widely believed to be a stroke. Fans knew he wasn’t appearing on this newest AC/DC album, and now we know he’ll never partake in one again–so debilitating is his illness.

His nephew, Stevie Young, played rhythm on Rock or Bust and will tour with the band. Fans will be cool with this because Stevie’s toured with them before to spell his Uncle Malcolm, who entered rehab for alcohol in the 80s. Stevie’s family, and that’s the only way AC/DC can possibly continue to exist. You cannot replace Malcolm, who’s really the band’s backbone (along with brother Angus), but AC/DC can and will continue. And I’m glad. As long as the boys feel they can play and tour and not lose what makes them great, they will.

Most importantly, I pray Malcolm recovers enough to hopefully enjoy the remainder of his life, and to fully appreciate how thankful his fans are for his contributing to the rocking soundtrack of their lives.


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