Did Craig Carton scam the New York Mets?

I live in the New York area and tune in to WFAN on the way to work to listen to the Boomer and Carton show. Boomer would be former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, and Carton would be Craig Carton, the loudmouth, bombastic sidekick.

(Carton’s on the left, Esiason’s on the right. Credit to Getty Images.)

Earlier today the Feds arrested Carton for allegedly running a multimillion-dollar Ponzi-like scheme to pay off massive gambling debts.

My first question: Did Carton (a huge Mets fan) convince Fred and/or Jeff Wilpon to invest in his scheme? That would be delicious because the Wilpons, who (terribly) own the New York Mets, were scammed by Bernie Madoff a few years ago, and fans have cited that as one of the reasons the Wilpons don’t open up their wallets the way the crosstown rival New York Yankees do to sign free agents. Hopefully the Wilpons learned their lesson!

I’m not happy Carton got arrested. He’s a father of four with a dream job in the biggest media market in America. He reportedly makes $250,000 a year, and now faces decades in prison. He’s one of the ones who pointed to the Madoff scam over the years to criticize the Mets, and, unfortunately, now has more in common with Madoff than the Wilpons.


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