Links to media articles (good ones; I’ll leave you to find any scathing ones) will be posted here.

December 1, 2015: The New York Daily News interviewed me about why the USA needs Krampus!  

November 17, 2015: Shane D. Keene let me write a guest post on his blog about researching history and also gave a wonderful review for Sentinels.

November 11, 2015: The Horror Maiden reviewed Sentinels. Also, The Scare Reviews asked me a few questions about writing and Sentinels.

November 9, 2015: Jennifer Matlock, the Book Worm, reviewed Sentinels.

November 7, 2015: Mallory Heart Reviews gave Sentinels some love.

September 2015: I’ve long maintained that some of the best reviews are the ones you’re least expecting. So imagine my surprise when I was alerted to this review of Sentinels on The book doesn’t officially release until November and already it has a nice review. That made my day.

November 2, 2014: The Morris County (N.J.) Daily Record profiled me and my book and conveyed exactly what I had hoped for! Thanks to reporter Michael Izzo.

Josef Hernandez, a writer out of Minnesota, mentioned The Dark Servant and other Samhain Horror titles on Now I can say my name was mentioned in the same article as Stephen King’s (whose name was brought up regarding the Big 5’s November releases.) I thought that was cool. Now I gotta shoot for being mentioned in the same paragraph, and eventually, the same sentence. Gotta start somewhere.

November 4: Francis Xavier posted a great interview with me on Francis also interviewed my editor, Don D’Auria, a few years ago and likewise did a fantastic job.

November 5: Horror fanatic and author Glenn Rolfe reviewed The Dark Servant for and has been very supportive. Check out his review, and also check out his new short story collection, Slush.

November 6: Thank you to My Bookish Ways for posting an interview. Kristin Centorcelli runs a great operation and her website reflects it. Do check it out.

And thank you to fellow Samhain Publishing scribe David Bernstein, who kindly ran details about The Dark Servant and its related giveaways on his site. David and I are release day buddies. His newest novel, The Unhinged, hit shelves and ereaders on November 4.

November 11: Author Cat Cavendish interviewed me for her website, and couldn’t have been kinder in the process. Thank you, Cat!he

November 12: The Wag the Fox blog also interviewed me and did a terrific job.

November 14: Horror After Dark reviewer Laurie posted a great review of The Dark Servant. Thank you to site owner/operator Nikki Howard!

Check out author Brian Moreland’s Dark Lucidity blog where he kindly hosted a blog post by me.

November 17: Angela Crawford both reviewed The Dark Servant and interviewed me. Thanks Angela!

November 19: Castle Macabre hosted a guest post by me.

November 20: The Bookie Monster not only reviewed The Dark Servant, but hosted a guest article by me too.

November 21: Fellow Samhain author and all around good guy Hunter Shea interviewed me for his blog. Thanks Hunter, and please check out his books. There are many!

November 24: Author Ira Gansler reviewed The Dark Servant on the Rage Circus Blog! Thanks Ira!

November 28: Fellow Samhainer Jonathan Janz hosted a guest post by me on his blog. Thanks Jonathan!

December 1: The Horror Bookshelf hosted a guest post by me.

December 2: Bram Stoker Award nominee Mary SanGiovanni hosted a guest post by me on her blog.

December 3: The Horror Bookshelf is back with a great review of The Dark Servant.

I managed to get on Rush Limbaugh’s national radio program to discuss the difficulty new authors face, requiring them to ask for help, even when they might not want to. Without me asking, Rush mentioned my book!

December 6: Promote Horror hosted a guest post by me.

December 17: Author Michael Patrick Hicks reviewed The Dark Servant and had some nice things to say.

January 5, 2015: Matthew Scott Baker over at Shattered Ravings penned the first fine review of TDS in the new year.

January 11: I’m thrilled that Jacqueline Cutler reviewed TDS for the Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper, and more importantly, she liked it. It was my first ever review in a major newspaper, and I was sweating over this one, honestly. Janet Maslin, please take note.

 January 29: Long and Short Reviews gave TDS 4 stars!

February 10: The Horror Society’s Michael Junivall posted an excellent review of TDS.

April 1: Michael Collings, of Collings Notes, is a former English professor out of Idaho. And he surprised me with this thoughtful review of my book. It came out of the blue, totally unexpected, and most importantly, it was positive. Those are the best reviews. One thing is for certain: I will be on the lookout for dangling modifiers in my future works.

April 4: When you begin writing in the horror genre, you soon begin reading the name Matt Molgaard, and the title of his website: Horror Novel Reviews. This is one of the more respected outlets for horror fans to learn about their next potential read. You haven’t made it in horror unless HNR has its say, and fortunately for me, it had mostly nice things to say about The Dark Servant! Here’s the review.

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